Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nothing Ever Dies ~ Legend of the Raindrop

The legend of the raindrop
holds a lesson for us all
as it trembles in the heavens
wondering should it fall.
The glistening little raindrop
argued with the sky -
"I am beautiful and lovely
as I sparkle here on high."
"And hanging here I will become
part of the rainbow's hue;
and I'll shimmer like a diamond
for all the world to view."
But the heavens asked the raindrop,
"Why do you hesitate to go?
For you'll be far more beautiful
if you fall to earth below."
"For you will sink in the soil,
And be lost awhile from sight,
but when you reappear on earth
You'll be greeted with delight."
"For you will be the raindrop
that quenched the thirsty ground
and helped the lovely flowers
to blossom all around."
"And in your resurrection
You'll appear in queenly clothes,
in the beauty of the sky
and the fragrance of the rose."
"For nothing's ever lost,
nothing's ever gone for good,
but renews itself upon the earth
as God thought that it should."
"So trust God's mighty wisdom,
let yourself drop from the sky
and you will fall and rise again,
for nothing ever dies."

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